The California Freestate


The CFS at a glance

Population: 18,137,000

  • Human: 62%
  • Elf: 6%
  • Dwarf: 9%
  • Ork: 18%
  • Troll: 4%
  • Other: 1%
    Per Capita Income: 28,ooo
    Estimated SINless: 32%
    Below Poverty Level: 27%
    Corporate Affiliation: 48%
    Major Languages Spoken: (As of Jan 2072)
  • English: 80%
  • Japanese: 17%
  • Spanish: 3%
  • Amerind Dialects: 2%
    Currency: Nuyen


California: Important Events

  • 2030-2036: Sucession fever builds in California.
  • 2036: In response to sucession threats, UCAS President McAlister withdraws federal forces and removes California from the Union. Almost immediately, Tir Taingire invades from the north down to Redding and Aztlan captures San Diego. Hoping to shame the UCAS or CAS into support, California asks Imperial Japan for aid. Imperial Marines land in San Francisco “To protect Japanese lives and corporate assets”.
  • 2037: Guerilla warfare forces Tir troops back to Yreka. The land between Yreka and Redding remains contested.
  • 2053: Tir Taingire attempts to capture Shasta Dam, but is forced to withdraw by the great dragon Hestaby. Hestaby takes possession of the dam and surrounding area.
  • October 27, 2061: An earthquake rattles the Bay area, along with the rest of the Ring of Fire.
  • October 29, 2061: Japanese troops recieve orders from Japan to withdraw from San Francisco.
  • November 2061: Colonel Keiji Saito refuses to withdraw, staging a coup and seizing San Francisco, backed by loyal troops and corporate assets. Declaring himself Protector-General, General Saito’s troops move into the Central Valley, seize Sacramento and key sites and establish the Californian Protectorate. Ares troops defend Silicon Valley and their corporate holdings from General Saito.
  • July 2062: The great dragon Hestaby deserts her allies in and around Redding by joining the Tir high council of princes. Despite this no new Tir invasion has occured, even though border incidents and firefights are a common occurence.
  • The California Freestate Chronicles

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